Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design is famous around the world.

Timeless, simplicity and its functionality are the ones that pop up in our mind every time we hear about Scandinavian Design.

Why do we love Scandinavian Design? Why is it so special?

Let’s go more deeply into the questions and know more about how you can incorporate into your own home and see how this design will energize your favorites room.

Scandinavian Design

What is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian design is a design movement described by Wikipedia as a design that the characteristic divine by its simplicity, functionality, and clean-design. Many of the designs originated in the 50’s still in production and popular around the world.

As we mentioned above, the design’s main characteristic – simplicity, functionality, and timelessness, makes the Scandinavian design popular among the home’s owner. With all of what happened around us, we agree that we need a calm living space that seamlessly incorporated with our modern standard of living.

The Scandinavian design are well known especially in household goods, including textiles, furniture, ceramics, and glass. In-fact, the Scandinavian design can be found in industrial design such as consumer products, mobile phones, and cars.

Simplicity – Less is More…

The Scandinavian designer apparently understand to simplifying your life, and to make it more and more relevant to busier and fuller your life by providing well design product.

Easy to store, simple design but do not compromise with functionality are among the list of well design product that you can find in their product.

Functionality – It is made to serve a purpose…

One of the key characteristic in Scandinavian Design is the functionality. Every furniture or home accessories are not designed to serve the aesthetic perspective but also it functionality.

Every products is made to be used and served the purpose in the home.

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Timeless – Made to last and to be handed down from generation to generation…

Time goes fast, trends come and goes but Scandinavian Design somehow manage relevant year after year.

How is that possible?

Scandinavian designed made with the thought that they are made to last and to be handed down from generation to generation.

The timeless design characteristic that make the product’s designed relevant for year after year, and find places in every walks of your life.

Final word

What inspiration that you can applied at your home from this article?

To summarize, what does Scandinavian Design look like?

  • Clean
  • Simple
  • Functional

What does main characteristic of Scandinavian Design?

  • Functionality
  • Simplicity
  • Timelessness

Since the movement in 1950’s, Scandinavian Designed has been incorporated with modern design, but those main characteristic remain designed.

As we mentioned above, the products designed is made with thought in mind that they should serve the purpose, simple, and can be handed down from generation to generation. Brilliant right?

Do you have Scandinavian Design product at your home? we love to hear that…

See you soon with another article…

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