Nordics Color Trends 2021: Beautiful walls make your room different

Jotun Group, a Norwegian paint company, release color trend every year.

The company presented a new color 2021 combination.  The new color set called REDISCOVER

A content-rich color combination inspired by four colors based on all the world’s culture, soft neutral, and muted, dreamlike pastels.

Create your story: Color Chart 2021

Every wall has an inspiring story to tell, conveying your important moment in life with the perfect color and paint.

Explore perfect color combinations, designs, and ideas for every room.

THE COLOURS: Discover the colour trends of 2021 through four distinctive themes. From earthy hues to minimalistic shades, every theme has a story to tell. Explore all four and find the colours that best express you.

1. Earthly Shades

A palette that encourages slow living
Jotun Lady 2021 Color Trends: Earthy Shade Color Palate

The colors of the earth create associations with landscapes and cultures around the world.

Clay and stone, sand and earth, the materials that form both houses and cities are essential. Red and brown, muted yellow and rustic terracotta. These are earth tones that have a unifying effect.

Clay and stone, sand and soil. These are the raw materials from which our houses and cities are made, the essential building blocks of human life.
Colour: 12120 Desert Pink
This is a palette for creative travelers and connoisseurs of craft, drawing influences from cultures across the globe to create 21st-century interiors that relax and inspire.
From the warm pink of the Moroccan desert sand to the inviting burnt orange walls of a Mexican hacienda, the colours of the earth connect us to the surrounding landscape. 
Colour: 12127 Earthy Brown

2. Soft Neutrals

Layering neutrals create richly textured spaces
Jotun Lady 2021 Color Trends: Soft Neutrals Color Palate

In a world marked by change, the need for clarity and calm arises. Lady Rediscover Soft Neutrals palates facilitate this by simplifying our homes, and many are looking for a neutral and harmonious color base.

The combination of neutral colors can have a significant influence on the atmosphere in a room. These colors do not demand attention but cover us with their clarity and soft, calming appearance.

In a world of noise and clutter, we are drawn to clarity and peace. We find them by dialing down the volume of our homes, removing the superfluous and celebrating the simple. 
Colour: 1563 Lucerne
Chosen well, subtler, quieter colours can have a powerful impact. These shades might not be bold; they might not scream for attention, but they bring comfort and clarity in their softness and subtlety.
Minimalist spaces don’t have to feel cold or empty; this rarefied palette is a selection of timeless warm shades that can be used to create monochrome looks or combined to introduce subtle and engaging contrasts to your space. 
Wall colour: 12125 Impression

3. Nordic Blues

Nordic hues – the rugged poetry of the outdoors
Jotun Lady 2021 Color Trends: Nordic Blues Color Palate

The classic Nordic color palette with subdued blue tones is forever relevant! Here colors are put together in a beautiful new combination.

The sight of sky and sea seems uplifting; thoughts turn to the unknown and infinite, and we sense the tranquility that rests in a pristine coastal landscape or on a distant horizon.

With these colors, you can create a cozy and harmonious look. They encourage you to make your home an inviting haven where you can recharge your batteries.

While the earth grounds us, the sky and the sea lift us up. They open our minds to the infinite and the unknown, encouraging us to find tranquility in a remote wilderness or a distant horizon. 
Colour: 4894 Ocean Air
The grey-blue of the ocean, white wisps of cloud, mountain stone… These are the colours of wild and far-flung places – the kind we retreat to when we want to immerse ourselves in nature.
Color: 5503 Natural Blue
In a world of noise and distraction, botanical shades and stone greys cultivate a sense of simplicity.
These shades make spaces into sanctuaries, encouraging slower-paced and more mindful ways of being, and making the home a place of reflection and rest.

4. Nostalgic Pastels

Create a nostalgic and contemporary look
Jotun Lady 2021 Color Trends: Nostalgic Pastel Color Palate

Nostalgic Pastels color palate is a palette for the esthetician, who values design traditions and art history.

The shades create a unique color harmony for the curated home, where carefully selected art objects and decorative objects testify to an interest in interiors and details.


What do you think of the Nordic’s interior color trends for 2021? Did you find your favorites color?

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